The Wurzelwerkstatt


Holistic Well-being retreats at powerful places in nature

We organize offline retreats in Austria and Portugal and invite you to travel with us to the most beautiful locations. Give yourself time to return to your roots.

Our retreats create a synergy of nature, movement, creativity, and exchange. The daily schedule includes herbal walks, movement sessions, creative workshops, and a holistic vegan diet.

Each retreat has a different focus, and there are workshops on the respective topic.


What people say …

Thinking about the days I spent in Portugal at the Wurzelwerkstatt aka Meeresbrise Retreat – it was magical. We enjoyed the best vegan meals surrounded by nature, woke up to an amazing ocean view and were creating, exploring and learning together. Everything was planned and executed with lots of thoughts and love, the group was a wonderful bunch of humans and the space made me feel like home immediately.

I am lucky to say, this was my 3rd Wurzelwerkstatt, this time there was a morning walk to the beach (including a meditation and a dip in the ocean   ), a natural-dye-workshop, different yoga classes, shake the dust (for me best described as a fun but intense dance/shake workout) guided journaling and visionboard-creation, time to relax at the pool or in a hammock, sharing circles and a private concert at sunset as a highlight on the last evening.

Thank you all 💛🧡❤️

Andrea D.

I don’t know even where to start.. this yoga retreat was simply amazing. The location, the yoga sessions, the food, the walks in nature, the journaling and vision board sessions, the tie-dye session, the final night with the private concert… every day was a highlight. You can tell Ali put a lot of dedication and heart in setting up this yoga retreat. And she invited so many powerful inspiring women who enriched the retreat with their food/ creativity/ fitness. I truly enjoyed it. This yoga retreat was perfect for self-reflection as well as for connecting and feeling inspired by its team and participants. It just sparked creativity and joy.

Liv. L.

The Wurzelwerkstatt retreat in Portugal was magical!

The perfect mix of activities such as yoga classes, hikes, creative workshops, and guided journaling but still enough time for rest and reflection. It allowed me to truly disconnect from the digital world and connect more with myself and the wonderful people I got to meet during this experience. I had the chance to explore my creative side and spend time thinking about how to apply my personal learnings from the retreat to everyday life. The absolutely delicious vegan food and beautiful scenery rounded it all off!

Thank you for having me, I’ll be back without a doubt 🧡

Kiana F